Soft Landing

    Soft Landing


Do you need to launch quickly and effectively a big test center in México?

e-Quallity's know-how, technology and industrial network will help you start your test operations in a fast, secure and efficient way almost at any relevant location in Mexico.


Put all our consultancy capabiities to work for your project. With our Soft Landing services we can help you to launch quickly and effectively big test teams (50+ testers) which quickly achieve high quality standards and high performance:

  • Using our 15 years experience and contacts we can recruit testers
  • Taking advantage of our Training capabilities we can train testers to match your needs.
  • Taking our certified Test Process as a basis, we could design one that satisfies your requirements.
  • Experienced testers could accompany the beginning of the test operation, coaching the rest of the testers.

If you….

  • Need to reduce total cost of software quality in your organization.
  • Want to have a near shore test operation.
  • Consider to launch an effective test team in Mexico.
  • Need to start the test operation soon but with very high quality.

… then, do not hesitate to contact us now! Our competent team will help you to precise your requirements for Mexico and will develop a clever strategy to satisfy your needs quickly.