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Automated Testing

Automated Testing


Do you want to reduce time and cost on regression testing?

e-Quallity’s Automated Testing services will make your testing more efficient: from automation on different languages to implementation of test automation frameworks.


Within our Automated Testing services we develop test scripts using special automation tools and different scripting languages (such as Java Script, C ++, Perl or Python). Through these scripts we define specific flows corresponding to certain processes of software usage. The resulting scripts can be automatically executed for a particular data set at any given time, which makes more efficient regression functional tests.

We can also develop an automation framework strategy for your organization.

If you...

  • Require to repeat the execution of regression testing with some frequency.

  • Need to perform certain tests under multiple environments, platforms or configurations.

  • Are required to run the same tests with different data sets.

  • Are required to run different tests with the same data set.

  • Believe that using manual testing could require too much time and effort, or is error-prone.

  • Need to execute tests that cannot be done manually.

  • Want to start your automation and don’t know what tool or what framework to use.

…then don’t hesitate to contact us, we will help you to automate your tests! Put over 10 years of experience to work for you!