Mobile Testing

Mobile Testing


Does your mobile app have the behaviour you expected?

e-Quallity’s expertise and processes applied to mobile environments will give you the required ‘peace of mind’ before your mobile application is released to the final users. 


With our testing services for Mobile Applications you will be able to verify the functionality and interoperability of your apps. Mobile application development can be complex due to the combination of elements like operating system, screen size, GUI, and functionality – just to name a few. This is a compelling reason to test your mobile applications strategically across different devices, in order to detect faults associated with these different characteristics.

 if you….


  • Are developing a mobile application and want to make sure it will perform as expected on different devices.

  • Are a mobile devices manufacturer and want to make sure different apps run on your devices as expected.

  • Have an ‘App Store’ for your company, and want to make sure the apps are healthy for the end users.

…then, contact us now! Our mobile applications testing services will help you increase the quality of your apps and provide a more pleasing user experience.