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Performance Testing

Performance Testing


Can your software handle high load peaks?

e-Quallity's expertise, skills and infrastructure will help verify if your software applications can scale to certain amounts of data and/or users, and will not freeze under stress. 


With our Performance Testing service, we can verify if a software product can support a certain number of users and/or amount of data, transactions, or requests without degradation in its performance. If this number does impacts performance, we can help detect the segments of the application that are causing this degradation so they can be corrected and tested again to verify performance is as required.

If you...

  • Want to make sure your system doesn’t show unwanted behaviors such as unacceptable response times or unexpected breaks.

  • Want to compare two systems to find which behaves better under relative extreme conditions.

  • Want to mimic the amount of work that the system can tolerate in a production environment in order to assess if it is ready for release.

  • Have an application with high level of criticality and concurrency.

  • Have encountered performance issues in your application.

…then contact e-Quallity to implement our Performance Testing service now!