Software Diagnosis

Software Diagnosis


Do you know the quality level of your software?

e-Quallity can provide a fast and accurate snapshot of the quality of the product you intend to release or acquire, supporting informed and confident decision making.


In a Software Diagnosis we apply exploratory testing to your software product within a short period of time with little investment. You get an estimate the software’s quality level, so an informed decision can be ascertained for software improvement, acquisition or dismissal based on objective data. 


With a Software Diagnosis you can get:

  • Information on defects found.
  • An estimate of the remaining number of defects in the product.
  • A benchmark of the product’s quality level against other software products.
  • A cost effective estimate of applying deeper functional tests in order to improve software quality before release or acquisition.  


If you...

  • Want to protect your investment in a piece of software.
  • Have a limited budget and/or little time to make the important decision to release (or to buy) or not a software product.
  • Intend to choose software with the highest quality amongst several products.
  • Purchase a software product developed by a third party, and you need a timely assessment of its quality.
  • Are looking to have information to justify an appropriate investment in certain software.


…then hire an e-Quallity Software Diagnosis now and have peace of mind knowing your software investment is sound and secure!