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Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation


Do you require flexibility for your software testing requirements?

e-Quallity provides highly qualified, effective and efficient Test Engineers who quickly learn your technology and processes, and implement our certified test methodology into your development effort.



Our Staff Augmentation service provides skilled Test Engineers to work on your company's projects from our facilities or yours. Our test engineers know our internationally certified process but will adapt to the processes of your organization at your convenience.

With our Staff Augmentation service you can immediately accommodate a test team implementing a process based on international quality models. We are certified in TMM (Testing Maturity Model, Level 3) and TPI (Test Process Improvement, Level "Efficient"). Our test team comprises certified test engineers who could join your team to meet your goals.

If you...

  • Have work peaks, and need flexibility to grow your test team.

  • Want to have the support of a third party specialized in software testing, to provide objectivity, maturity and quality processes.

  • Are looking to be more efficient by outsourcing the practices of QA and Testing and this way getting rid of the activities of recruitment, selection, hiring, training, and retention of staff in your test and QA teams.

…then hire a highly skilled and experienced testing team that will give you the support you need to complete your projects on time and with the highest level of quality. Our specialists are at your service – put 10+ years of experience to work for you!