Functional Testing

Functional Testing


Are you certain than your software has the required quality?

With our Functional Testing services e-Quallity will help you insure software quality, reduce time-to-market and lower overall maintenance and support costs.


With Functional Tests you will be able to substantially increase the quality of the software you are developing or looking to acquire. We apply in-depth black box testing to quickly detect as many harmful defects as possible, as early in the development cycle as possible. These tests are conducted at our facilities with the methodology, technology and metrics we have developed throughout years of experience, with a process backed by international certifications in models such as TMM (Testing Maturity Model) and TPI (Test Process Improvement model).

Test times can be adjusted to match the development and/or purchase timing of your product, saving time, money and headaches.

If you...

  • Are planning to develop or acquire a product of excellent quality.
  • Performed a Software Diagnosis and wish to increase testing in some modules.
  • Will develop a product together with several software houses, and want to standardize the quality and verify the interfaces.
  • Are developing or acquiring a product of great importance to your business, and you cannot afford inferior quality.
  • Want to preserve a good brand image, and avoid disputes with your customers and/or end users due to issues with your software product.


…then, go ahead and reap the benefits of our functional testing! Remember that we are a specialist with the highest international certifications!